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A few days ago finished the series of girls. And not too scary, I decided to keep the. In my opinion it seems cosplay Pin Up. To render the bust using KeyShot. Final Render Marmoset. All textures are prepared under PBR the the shader

It was interesting to work with hair, since I do not often it happens, I have tried several ways, I describebest.At the beginning sketched shapes in Zbrush c volumes which indicate the direction of the curl, but before that you need to prepare several planes with texture. After that there is only copy curls and angled shape blanks. In modo present tools Linear, it is not difficult to bend the surface (Edit> Falloff> Linear)

Set up in clothes Marvelous Designer. By the way about him. It's easy to get a sense of the folds that resemble a thick tarp or polyethylene. And I think this applies to most of the models are made ​​in the program. will have to spend some time to get what you want 
For hi poly model of the marvelous is not appropriate, therefore, made ​​a re-topology in zbrush, through zremesher and throw a couple of subdivs. 
Speaking of high poly, do not forget remove in zbrush all the excess, for example uv, SDiv, Morph Target, as it can significantly increase the baking time. If possible, you can do Decimation of 20% of the original amount poly this can reduce .obj high poly from 1GB to 250MB Then it is important to contrive and assign the resulting hipoly Smooth group 180%, whatever the surface is uniform, because it can triangles I am not perfect.
I will add about skinning. Not long ago found a resource https://www.mixamo.com/ where you can get avtoskining character. The resource was immediately tested and, in my opinion, he coped much better than I expected. This activity took me no more than 15 minutes. Went to the website, register, upload fbx in his account as a gift has placed markers on the joints of the model. Next will generate a skeleton and download an updated fbx. Here you can see that the model has averaged vertex paint, which can already be working. Personally for me this exemption absolutely hated my work! 
There are a large number of animations, which can be zatestit lourez the presence of shoals.
Lowpoly manufactured in manual mode. Since the generation lowpoly which turned in Zbrush I have absolutely not satisfied Very often it happens that the hands do a re-topology goes faster than trying to find and apply button that will do everything for you. Smooth group to the model alone, instead of what would scatter Smooth group I again sliced ​​Agee on the edges and seams of the sweep. Damn I like this way, and I would like to completely abandon the breakdown model Smooth group. The character have uv, respectively, and three different textures. One body, the second on the clothes, and the third for the hair. The amount of polygons 64K. 
My baking thoroughly moved in substance designer, for convenience, I did a scene with pre-configured nodes, which I use every time. In this case, only re specify the folder with the resources, in consequence of that node re-gather themselves. For example, I have a block, which will be based on color mask, taken from her future color matching materials or tiles, which will be added to this in advance customized color. To fulfill this condition, it is required to do high poly vertex paint the same color. Or designate appropriate ID Material. Ideally, I plan to build the file. to create a preconfigured resource separately for art rag characters, soldiers and sci-fi with its own set of tiles and scratches.
The size of the body and texture of clothing 4K x 4K, a size allowed me to make clothes completely no symmetrical on the net.

In any unclear situation with the lightning, i exhibited another light point source of light, the opposite color, but mostly it was bluish. I do not understand people who love to expose physically "correct" light and fanatically refuse the use of additional light sources.
The entire silhouette of the character i tried beat off light the whole texture of the model consists of warm colors, hence the lighting has to be cold

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